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The Avid Outdoorsman Generate Button

He enjoys all things nature. Fishing, backpacking, and hiking are among his favorite activities.

The Handyman Generate Button

No matter the problem (flat tire, leaky faucet, or hanging shelves) he always saves the day.

The Techie Generate Button

Enthusiastic about technology, he always has the newest smartphone, laptop, tablet, or gadget.

The Dad Generate Button

He lives for corny jokes, fanny packs, and really anything that might embarrass his kids.

The Sports Enthusiast Generate Button

He always knows which teams are playing tonight AND tomorrow, he’ll be ready to re-cap any game.

The Metro Man Generate Button

Effortlessly trendy and well-groomed, he stands out in a crowd. He frequents cool cafes & breweries.

The Gym Bro Generate Button

He considers protein shakes a core food group and the gym his second home.

The Professional Man Generate Button

He's very career-oriented, and unapologetically working towards his next big promotion.

The Dapper Gentleman Generate Button

He always dresses to impress. He fancies cigars and prides himself on his exceptional manners.

The Intellectual Man Generate Button

Some call him a nerd, but we prefer the term 'Intellectual.' His brain, like his bookshelf, is packed.

The Gamer Boy Generate Button

His ideal day is spent 'plugged in' on the couch, controller in hand onto his next virtual adventure!

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